Monday, 2 May 2022

Musk and Moderation

This is a good article. It’s amazing -- though it shouldn’t be surprising, -- the amount of strawmannirg on the Left about Musk’s purchase of Twitter. Like the “death of democracy” type, by the reliably dopey Elizabeth Warren. Like that Musk is going to allow a “free-for-all” (no he’s not) that will allow hate speech and “literally” kill people. 

Well, no. Not if you see what Musk himself has said. Eg at his recent TED interview

Here, Jim Rutt analyses the issues from a point of actually understanding them. Differences between “Decorum moderation” and “point-of-view moderation”. 


For over 40 years, I have been involved with moderating online communities, designing community software, and operating online community businesses. I have also been a power user in every generation of online community platforms from 1981 to today. With that experience in mind, I would like to offer a more nuanced look at the nature of moderation, and to suggest that Musk’s acquisition of Twitter could be a good thing. [More]