Friday, 20 May 2022

How are we doing? (Updated)

I keep getting asked “how are things" for which thanks to all for concerns and to which the one word answer is “fine”.  Same as, same as…

I guess. (Oh, and no Covid in our house, yet)

Restrictions have relaxed, so we can go out, swimming etc, through international travel remains restricted via quarantine and reduced flights. Masking is universal, though mandates have eased slightly — no longer mandated at gyms and clubs inside, but required outdoors. Which is “the science” of course. Not. 

So there we have it. For myself I won’t travel internationally until it gets close to being “like it was”. Which was 17 minute taxi ride to airport, ten minutes check in and five mins to the Cathay lounge and its wonderful Dan Dan Noodles. But Cathay is now flying only 2% of normal, so there’s that.

With cheers and good wishes to all. 

ADDED (14 July 2022): Not sure what I was talking above about easing of mask mandates. They remain, for now, universal. In any “public space”, either outside or inside. There is no longer any pushback to masking. It’s everywhere, and people seem to be happy with it. Seem. Meantime our new C-E, Johnny Lee is in charge, with little to show so far. Except that we may get out to quarantine “by November” (2022). 

And they’re wanting to institute a Traffic Light signal sort of process to our Apps, so if you’re Red, you can’t go anywhere. There will be plenty of people that think this is just fine. Just not me. I don’t like the fact they track me, colour me red, or green, or yellow, and that determines where I can go. For a virus that has a case fatality rate of 0.065%, per latest stats from China and from here.