Saturday, 21 May 2022

Watching the Australian election

Annabelle Crabb of the ABC
20:00 AEST; What’s happening so far seems to be: the ruling Liberal coalition are losing seats to the Independents and the opposition Labor are losing seats to the Greens.

Worst outcome for a democracy is the one being predicted: a hung Parliament.

How do I feel about the outcome? Neutral. Either. Neither. Both. 

Oz will be fine whichever wins. History tells us that. 

ADDED: I’d be on board with the Greens if they had a coherent platform. But they don’t. I’ve read their platform, which I’ve learned not many supporters have done. It’s “too long”, see?

The Greens are against fossil fuels, and fair enough. And they’re also in favour of renewable, and also fair enough. But they’re against nuclear, which is weird when it’s a “climate crisis” a “climate emergency”. In a crisis, an emergency, shouldn’t you be throwing everything at the problem. Seems not.

Greens say renewables are now cheaper than fossil, but somehow still need subsidies. Weird. They are against all forms of gambling, including against horse racing. Is that even Australian?  They want to shut down all coal production forthwith;  it look at what happened in America this last year when old and new oil and coal were cut — inflation putting the administration at risk.There’s a lot of wishful thinking in that Green Platfoem.

In Europe the Greens policies have been catastrophic. They stopped new nuclear and closed perfectly operational existing nuclear plants. This led to higher carbon emissions than if the Greens had never existed. 

Australia has the luxury of being able to vote Green with no real blowback. Because in the grand scheme of the world we don’t matter much. But to think they are a saviour is both deluded and contra Australianism. 

21:00 AEST: Looks like Labor will win. So, let’s see how Harry Potter and his merry wizards do. Annabelle Crabbe and her ABC colleagues will be delighted. 

22:25 AEST:  confirmed that Libs have lost and Labor Party will form the next government. Josh Frydenberg, the Treasurer, lost his seat of Kooyong, In Melbourne. 

Onwards with Harry!