Wednesday, 4 May 2022

The world best predator — dragonflies on our couch

I’m a huge fan of dragonflies. They have 94% success when they attack prey. Lions and cheetahs have maybe 10%. They’re clever fliers, that we humans have no idea still how to mimic. I love to see them circling above our Koi Carp pond, zapping mosquitos and sand flies.

Deagonflies are the king predators. And my second favourite animal. My top favourite is the penguin.

Why penguins? I saw zillions in Antarctica. They are tough. They’re loyal. They’re monogamous. They’re good parents. They’re graceful swimmers. On land they’re Charlie Chaplin comedians. A wonderful, all round good animal. And no, not all animals are “good”. At least in our anthropomorphic view. Think mosquitos. Or cats.