Saturday 2 May 2020

Anti-government protests return to Hong Kong on Labour Day as police pepper spray crowd

Photo is the online caption. In the print version it’s front page with this caption:
“People in press vests outnumber riot police and anti-government protesters at
New Town Plaza in Sha Tin yesterday”
The story is here.  Note: not many police. Heaps of press. Very few protesters. But to the international media, this is “continued crackdown” (Guardian, but I don’t want to link). Please....
ADDED; To repeat: I’m not in the least bit happy with the increasing assertiveness of Beijing’s office in Hong Kong. But this gathering above is not in any way sign of a “continuing crackdown”.  It’s a free expression of our right to assembly, which, btw, has been infringed in no less a place than New York City, as they say coronavirus distancing trumps (as it were) the right to free assembly.
Meantime the pan-Dem parties are making it difficult to govern, by obstructive filibustering, so that government can’t get the simplest bills though the legislative council.