Wednesday 20 May 2020

Beijing preparing for tougher stance on Hong Kong

Now I don't like this one little bit. Who would?
The "but" is that some of the claims made in the mainland doco on Hong Kong, are correct. 
"Veteran HK democracy activists" did collude with western forces to foment anti-Chinese fury. Younger activists like Joshua Wong did so as well. They did so openly, by talking to the US Congress and pushing the so-called HK Human Rights and Democracy Act which I and many others have predicted will only damage Hong Kong.  
Some of the activists did call for independence, a flashing red flag to the Beijing bull.
Teachers did incite their students and countenance violence. Again they did so openly, on social media platforms like Telegraph and LIHKG.
This is yet another case of "you brought it on yourselves, guys". The road to hell, and all that.  It was not only predictable; it was predicted. 
It is the average Hongkongers who will be the ones to suffer. As the protesters gear up to blame Beijing and say "I told you so". Actually we told you so. We told you the protests would have the opposite of your intent. And so it is proving. 
Well done. Not.