Monday, 11 May 2020

Alaska Trip Day 3: LA → Joshua Tree National Park

[The virtual trip]
That’s why I wanted to go to Joshua Tree National Park. To see the place that inspired the U2 Album of 1987: “Joshua Tree - One Tree Hill”. I always loved the name. So evocative.
And it turns out Joshua Tree National Park is a beautiful desert-y place. The tree, the Joshua Tree, is kind of an overgrown hybrid of a cactus and pine, named by the Mormons for the biblical Joshua. They thought it looked like Joshua holding up his hands to guide the Israelites to their conquest of Canaan.
And here is the whole U2 Album.
It looks like it’ll be a grand drive. The park a wonder.
The Route:
Overnight at the Sacred Sands, hotel at the edge of Joshua Tree Park. How the road trip will be, I’m  not sure. Guessing busy. But not long. Couple of hours. Easy first day, ex LA.
Yes, please (Sacred Sands)
Check out the photos of this amazing desert retreat, Sacred Sands,which gets 9.9 on It’s difficult to get in, but we had a booking!