Monday 11 May 2020

‘Self defeating to invite foreign interference’

I don’t often agree with Alex Lo, but he’s spot on here. You don’t deal with a China you wish existed. You deal with the China you have. And this China is not going to buckle to foreign interference in Hong Kong. No China you can imagine, would. No country would, TBF.
China has sovereignty over Hong Kong. That is a simple fact of international law, recognised by every member of the United Nations.
The best we could hope for — perhaps the best we could have hoped for — is to maintain the very high degree of autonomy we have and the freedoms we already enjoy. One Country Two Systems to at least 2047.
For, as Alex points out, China wants Hong Kong to succeed.
Sure, there’s an extra freedom allowed for in the Basic Law — for voting the C-E by universal suffrage. “Eventually”, says the BL.  But when expansion of the franchise was on the table in 2012, the pan-Dems upended the table and stormed off in a huff. It wasn’t 100%, so they knocked back the 60%.  This was a major error. They shot themselves in the collective foot, and are now hobbling around one on the stump, plaintively holding up outstretched hands for “Five Demands, Not One Less”.
You blew it, guys.
Alex, speaking of (presumably) well-meaning Westerners:
Do they seriously think Beijing would ever concede to Western demands over Hong Kong, a city under Chinese sovereignty?
 There can only be harsh blowbacks and retaliations. Most outsiders have little understanding of the complicated relationship between Hong Kong and the mainland.
 Beijing is willing to talk; it wants Hong Kong to succeed. But like the king, [in The King and I] it cannot be seen as bowing to foreigners, especially Americans. [The rest…]
The road to hell….
Only problem is, the hell is not in the west, but we poor Hongkongers.