Thursday, 28 May 2020

Thanks for nothing, Pompeo

My comment to Shapiro, on the site:
Re Hong Kong @55’: Pompeo and State Dept stating HK is “no longer autonomous” does NOT mean HK is not autonomous. I’ve lived here over 40 years. In govt and business. In every day terms we remain very much autonomous. And will do so even after the Security Law.
Still. If State Dept removes the special conditions from us (HK), it will be THAT, not the Security law, that does us in. This is punishing us here in HK for what Beijing is doing, which please note was done after a year of rioting and looting in the streets. Ben talks of “virtue signalling”. This is the biggest case of virtue signalling on the international stage. Pure virtue signalling, and "commitment signalling" by Pompeo, to show “how tough on China I am”.  Pity us, here in HK. We suffer from your “good” intentions. Thanks a lot.