Friday 1 May 2020

Happy Labour day

Though perhaps a better Labour Day will be the day people in Lockdown countries are allowed to go back to labour. I’m hearing that both China and the US will have the worst economic slump figures ever in their histories for 2020. US to be down 40%. (For Q1 see below). That cannot count for nothing even with large numbers of covid deaths. Says me, a Lockdown Sceptic.
As Hong Kong with zero new cases again should be going back to work next week. I’m also hearing that studies show children don’t pass the virus to adults. If true then all schools worldwide could reopen.
And WHO official says Sweden is doing just great.

And listening to Millport a strange Scottish radio play on Radio 4 Extra.

And how could I forget?! Our brave “freedom and democracy” warriors (aka “rioters”) are set to take to the streets again today, to celebrate May Day — a communist holiday taking over the traditional day of dancing around maypoles. Police brace for chaos.

Meantime, the WSJ reports on a world of pain:

Bad tidings for global economy