Saturday 16 May 2020

I’m watching the UK Education Secretary talk about kids…

… going back to school. And he [Gavin Williamson] is saying they will have to social distance and be “in bubbles” in class and avoid breathing on each other and, and … And I’m wondering doesn’t he know about the studies that show virtually no transmission of the virus in schools. And the experience, which shows the same.
And why don’t the media ask about this? Don’t they know?
Schools should go back tomorrow.
Performance of the government: C
Performance of the media: D-
Pathetic. Our future in their hands? I shudder.
And now I’m seeing a council person of Weston-Super-Mare tell us he doesn’t like see people enjoying themselves on the beach, they should hold on “just a little more”, but for what we are supposed to hold on, he doesn’t say. And I’m watching these people wind surfing and queueing for fish and chips, at perfect social distance and I’m thinking go for it. And that our political betters need to be straight and say: this virus is with us. Be careful. But go out, dear folks. Go out.
The German Football Bundesliga is back. Under some pretty strict social distancing rules. But these young, fit, men are at almost zero risk of Covid-19. Where on Earth is the sanity? Where is the science?