Saturday, 16 May 2020

Our bulbuls’ eggs in our mango tree this morning

Photo by Arlene. This morning 08:00
Now we just have to help Hector and Danni, our crested bulbul couple, keep the predators at bay…
Have a look at the eggs last year, here.
ADDED: just after photographing the eggs, we see a common rat snake by our fish pond.  I’d suspected snakes as the egg stealers, but we think the danger more likely comes from other birds, the main suspect being red-billed blue magpie. While I write this, a crested mynah bird is skulking around with intent. We’re on the lookout. Meantime, the rat snake, whose name I have to assume means it loves to chow down on delicious rodents. If so, three cheers for the common rat snake.