Tuesday, 12 May 2020

Boris blows his Churchill moment

ADDED (13/5): TBF to Boris, having now read the 50 page(!) plan, it appears to boil down to “be sensible, use your common sense and what you know about social distancing, sanitising, etc”. Which is kind of what I thought was needed.  So maybe I was a not early to say Boris Bottled)
He waited his whole life. To emulate his hero. And blew it. Having just watched his announcement of “phased opening”. Which only appears to have confused and angered all sides.
This wasn’t his D-day landing, dear me no. Far from it. It wasn’t even his Dunkirk moment, a strategic retreat. It was more something like a Battle of the Curve moment. Or Gallipoli moment because this too is a dog’s breakfast of a policy.
Which is “you can do a bit of this, but not a bit of that. And maybe you can go back to work and maybe not” and it’s got everyone confused.
What I’m finding disturbing is that the commentators on BBC and other cable news are saying that everything has to be the government taking charge. The government telling people what to do. Whatever happened to individual responsibility?
And let’s remember, and tell everyone, that “flattering the curve” does not reduce the overall death rate. It just spreads it out.
A Churchillian action would have been to say, we need to open up because we cannot continue with the economy in a coma. We need an economy to have a health system. We need an economy in order to help people. We plan to protect the most vulnerable, who remain the elderly with other health conditions. We can do so because our NHS has the capacity. We will do our best for the most vulnerable, in our hospitals and our care homes. For the rest of us, let’s get back to work. Do so sensibly. You know what needs to be done. Let’s at it.

ADDED: Ben Pile says (Re the “R” number which we try to keep below one):
If I understand the Prime Minster, the level of alert will be updated by scientists checking their Rs.
If their Rs is low, then we can be free. But their Rs is high, then we must be locked up again.
Scientists will be speaking to the Prime Minster through their Rs.
And Boris gets a new moniker: Bottler Boris. That’s from his fans, is how bad it is.