Saturday 23 May 2020

Tsitsipas the tsit

Stefanos Tsitsipas, the Greek tennis god, unburdened himself of a truly awful idea. That we ought to have an annual Lockdown because ”it’s good for nature, it’s good for our planet”. Well, maybe so. And also just fine for him, sitting on his $12 million pile and $10 million annually in endorsements. Just fine. 
But does it not occur to him? That it’s not so fine for the hundreds of millions thrown out of work, the bankrupted mom and pop stores, the hundreds of millions who will die of hunger because of lockdowns, for those struck by mental health and domestic abuse... and… and…
None of this appears to have registered through his gorgeous locks. He was brought up privileged and he remains in his privileged bubble. 
An ex colleague of J’s has similar views. He texted that he "loved the lockdown" because it suited him just fine. Working from home and getting his salary. Just fine. 
The lack of empathy of such people is breathtaking, How can they not think of so many people suffering?
Shame of Tsistsipas. Shame on those who revel in the lockdowns. 
For hundreds of millions lockdowns are a disaster. And Tsitsipas wants to do this once a year?
I reach for the thesaurus for the adjectives: non-empathetic, arrogant, self-absorbed, solipsistic, selfish…
The planet needs a breather. I agree. Crushing people’s lives and destroying their dreams is not the way to do it, you tsit.