Tuesday 19 May 2020

Alaska Trip Day 11: Jackson Hole Wyoming → tootling → return to Jackson

Today's weather at Jackson Hole: 9-23C
partly cloudy. RH 62%
[Remember: this is just a Virtual Virus Vacation. It’s what I had booked before had to cancel coz Covid-19]
ADDED: Prof Jerry Coyne is relieving his lockdown tedium by going over a past trip on his blog. So he’s reliving a past experience. Whereas here I’m pre-living an experience I haven’t had.
Staying at: the Rustic Inn @ Jackson Hole. And I learn that “Hole” means the valley, in which Jackson sits. Here’s a vid of the Rustic Inn surroundings.
I think today will be tootling-around-Jackson Hole-day. It looks like mighty fine tootling country. Grand Peaks, lakes, rivers and streams. Grand Teton! Yellowstone! Tootling to the stars in the map above....
There’s ther summer view of the famous ski slopes of Jackson Hole in Teton Village with cable cars (“Aerial Tram”) and gondolas that go up the mountain in summer, and heaps of hiking.
Planning on some fishing and some golf. At neither of which am I accomplished, but are suitable pursuits for one entering his eighth decade, and suitable also to be accompanied by a wife who could go along with both or either. Or so I like to believe. I have not checked.
Other things to do, which I do know Jing will like: trekking and horse riding. Let’s leave them for days 3 and 4. And of course, tootling and ogling.  It’s magnificent country. Never been, but I’m sure it’s not going to disappoint.
ADDED: note to self. If and when we do get around to this trip, have to look at some other options to stay, like at Teton Village, or Grand Teton, a little closer to Yellowstone. Though Rustic Inn looks pretty, pretty, pretty pretty good