Thursday 28 May 2020

‘Pompeo: HK no longer warrants special treatment from US’

And ‘World leaders concerned over China’s proposed HK security law’ .
Those are the chyrons cycling on CNBC.
A talking head is saying that the most injured in this battle will be Hong Kong. Which is true. America taking action against HK to protest Beijing is like punishing the kidnapper by killing the hostage.
The US may be aware of this (or not), but its desire to punish Beijing is stronger. Very well. Punish Beijing officials. Not us.
This reaction will do more immediate and identifiable harm to our business than the security law. The security law may be a threat to freedom of the press, which would be enough to see me outta here, but Pompeo threatens people’s livelihoods with ill-considered punishments.
Why the HKHRDA is bad for Hong Kong.