Sunday 10 May 2020

Alaska Trip Day 2: Terranea Oceanfront Resort, LA

[Remember: this is just a Virtual Virus Vacation. It’s what I had booked before had to cancel coz Covid-19].

So, here we are. On our virtual virus vacation.  And this is what I had booked, the Terranea Oceanfront Resort in LA. Surely you’ve gotta be oceanfront when you’re in LA, but it’s also close-in to town.
Last time we were here was in January 1998, with new-born John along with us. We visited the usual, and then to Salt Lake City, where we met an owner of a wraps franchise we were thinking of buying into, name un-recalled, but Mormon, friendly but also keen to get us to convert. Made sure we stopped at a strip mall and bought me a copy of “The Book of Mormon”.  It’s been a reliable cure for insomnia.
Then to Park City, Utah, for some skiing. Pretty, pretty, pretty. preeeettyyyy, good.