Thursday 21 May 2020

Alaska Trip Day 13: Jackson Hole → Yellowstone → Jackson Hole

[Remember: this is just a Virtual Virus Vacation. It’s what I had booked before had to cancel coz Covid-19]

We do Rustic Inn → Yellowstone → Rustic Inn, in a day. Early start. Also maybe a reason to think maybe we ought be staying at Teton Village or Grand Teton, instead of Rustic Inn at Jackson. We’ll see. 
A drive up the “Hole”, the valley of Jackson, to Yellowstone National Park, the first ever National Park in the United States, the remnants of a super volcano that could erupt at any time. So NatGeo tells us. Magnificent Yellowstone. I believe we may have to book ahead to get an entry permit.
And plenty of land adventures.
On the way we pass by the world-famous ski field at Teton Village on our left. What I’ve always known as Jackson Hole. And where I’ve long wanted to go skiing. I wanted to do its scary black runs. If I went there now, I think I’d be sticking to the red and blue runs, being now built more for comfort than for courage. Here’s the map of the ski trails. Pretty awesome. [Correction: not “black, red and blue” runs; that’s European and Aussie. In the US it’s “black, blue and green”. And looking at the ski map, there’s not much of the latter at Jackson Hole. It’s skier’s ski field]. Look at those runs on the left at “Hoback”.  They are steep!

Check out Snowking
New alternative history novel, ‘Rodham’, by Curtis Sittenfeld, imagines if Hillary had not married Bill. Out today and I just bought it on Kindle and it’s just been delivered to my iPad.
Given we are in Jackson Hole, here’s a clip. They’re in Jackson Hole, at a liberal fundraiser. (and, btw, random fact I learned recently: 50-60% of a Congressperson’s time is spent in fundraising. What a life):
The Grand Tetons rose behind us, a jazz quartet played on a patio near a stream, servers pressed bacon-wrapped dates and tuna tartare, and an unsurpassed quality of progressive schmoozing occurred.
Will we also see an "unsurpassed quality of progressives schmoozing"?