Monday 11 May 2020

“I’m old enough to remember when...." they say.
I’m old enough remember when -- because it was only a few months ago -- the reasons for lockdown were (1) To “flatten the curve” and (2) To “save the NHS”. (or whichever national health system).
Well, we’ve flattened the curves in all countries. Though to what effect, one wonders, because all that seems to have happened is deaths have been spread out, rather than concentrated in a taller hump at the beginning. But anyway, the curves have been flattened. I showed this the other day, with figures from Worldometer, which is the go-to site for latest stats.
And I also recall the panic about overwhelming the NHS. Well, the NHS is doing just fine. Not only is it not overwhelmed. It’s underused. Because people are scared to go there for the normal every day issues they have, whether it be testing for cancer, or treatment for various ailments. There are plenty of reports of empty wards and operating theatres lying idle. Same in New York. They sent the hospital ship away, because they didn’t need it.
The Nightingale hospitals, thrown up in record time in the UK are unused.
Why are the media not banging on about this? Rather than everyone banging on every Thursday night to thank the NHS. Fair enough, thank the NHS, but remember the strategy, people. The curves are flattened. The NHS is saved.
So the two main criteria for the lockdown are met. Yet everywhere is still in lockdown. It’s time to save the rest of the people. Those who’ve lost jobs, lost businesses, lost hope, lost all.
ADDED: we were also told at the beginning that we could not hope to get rid of the virus entirely because that was not possible. We would have to learn to live with it. But it seems now that the aim appears to be to wipe it out entirely. Which remains impossible and hence lockdown with no end.

Why the shifting goal posts? Why the lockdown still?
Here’s a comment on Dr John Lee’s latest “Ten reasons to end the lockdown now”.
But the most distressing aspect of this is the way the rationale and the goalposts keep changing. It feels like we are unwilling characters on a new version of Catch-22, with no way out except total impoverishment. I want to share something I picked up from another blog site comment, that seems to me to be spectacularly spot on, and very ironic on the 75th anniversary of Churchill's famous VE day speech : "Victory. Victory for the cause of freedom".
March 2020: Give up your liberties temporarily to flatten the curve and not overwhelm the NHS.
April 2020: Give up your liberties to save lives and eradicate the virus, in spite of 'good news'.
May 2020: Give up your liberties to prevent a catastrophic second wave.
June 2020 prediction : Give up your liberties and wait for vaccine.
Future prediction: Give up your liberties forever. Accept mandatory movement tracking and mandatory vaccination.