Saturday 30 May 2020

Alaska Trip Day 22: Sergius Narrows → Neva Strait

[Remember: this is just a Virtual Virus Vacation. It’s what I had booked before had to cancel coz Covid-19]
DAY 7 Sergius Narrows / Neva Strait There aren’t many straight lines along Baranof Island. Its western side is dotted with hundreds of coves and uninhabited islands. This is a prime area for spotting sea otters. It’s no surprise to round a corner in your kayak and find one looking at you and you looking at him. The protected beaches are made for exploring the intertidal zones, and spotting bears. So, boot up for a guided hike. End your day with celebration and a toast at dinner with your captain. Your expedition team treats you to a photo recap of the week’s adventures.”
Kakul Narrows, Sergius Narrows, Peril Strait, Baranof Island