Wednesday, 6 April 2022

A Tale of Two Cities (Asian version) | Singapore and Hong Kong

If you look at the above, two Asian cities often compared, is it possible to say that Hong Kong has done better than Singapore? In controlling the Coronavirus? Surely not. But some do. They say, if you promote a Singapore style relaxation you’re putting “Business before Health”. Yet there’s the data above. 

Hong Kong had:
More cases per million than Singapore (8,674 vs 3,360)
More deaths per million than Singapore (37.68 vs 2.12)
More cumulative deaths than Singapore (8,349 vs 1,284)

How on earth can people argue that Singapore is not performing better than us here in Hong Kong?? And how on earth are we continuing with our failing Zero Covid Policy, when Singapore is doing so much better with a much more relaxed policy? We are similar city states, with similar populations sizes and demographics. With Singapore cases/deaths data so much better than ours. 

Worth some thought.

ADDED: Singapore vax rate for elderly: 92%. Hong Kong vax rate for elderly: 28%. There’s your answer for the difference, right there. Protect the elderly. Follow Barrrington.