Friday, 8 April 2022

Sitting at the coffee shop observing Zero Covid Policy in action

Sitting in the coffee shop. The one with business down over half, due not to Covid, but due to our government's panic reaction to Covid: Zero Covid Policy. A few more customers today than the other day

And here’s the thing;

Families have come in from outside. A dad and two kids. A mum with child and toddler. Three or four teens. All wearing masks from outside. Take off their masks inside. And then sit at separate tables because our ZCP mandates that you can only sit two to a table. Families that will then go outside, put their masks back on (including in toddlers) and go home to co-habitate. If there’s any science in that, I’m a didgeridoo. 

By the way, several families have done the same thing, as I’m sat here observing. And in each case they seemed fine with it. They seemed to go along willingly to what is palpable nonsense. I can guess what they vote, from their actions. 

I miss the gay grannie I used to chat with. She’s given up on Hong Kong. She didn’t want to leave but her wife, a Cathay pilot, just couldn’t hack to constant testing and quarantines — half her time spent in quarantine hotels these two years — and they’ve gone back to Adelaide.

ADDED: People in China getting pissed off about Zero Covid