Friday 15 April 2022

Happy Good Friday!

Or, if you’re the branding geniuses in our government “Happy National Security Education Day”!

Not a single mention of Holy Friday…

ADDED: In the main article above “…public beaches, pools and barbecue venues will remain shut”. Huh? I’ve been following this coronavirus since the beginning. I’ve done 475 posts on it. I’ve followed the beaches and pools issue. AFAIK, from the data (aka “the science”) there has not been one case of Covid traced to a beach or swimming pool. This is insane. In Twitter style: This. Is. Insane.

Also: top right “Symptomatic cases more than double to Shanghai record”. Do we hope China’s Zero Covid policy fails? Yes we do. Why? Because if they succeed, or “succeed”, or even get passably close to “succeed”  we are stuck with Zero Covid forever, because you can’t keep out the world. Or can only keep out the world with draconian quarantine, in shabby, crappy (literally) containers converted to effective prison cell blocks. Forever. That’s no life. And that’s why I, and increasing numbers both here in Hong Kong and in China, are fed up with Xi Jinping's ZCP, only maintained to save his own Face — that China did so well at the beginning of this, two years ago, showing the “superiority of the Socialist system”. So now they can’t lose, must not lose.  No matter the cost. That’s why ZCP must fail.