Monday 25 April 2022

ANZAC Day. Lest We Forget

Which brings to mind my grandfather, Bruce Anderson, mother’s father, who fought in Egypt in the First World War. A farmer from New Zealand, grandson himself of Scottish immigrants, born in NZ and having no idea of anything outside, sent to fight in the desert against Rommell’s troops. 

We visited the Auckland War Memorial in March 2017, and the very helpful people there found his army records to confirm all this. Actually we’d thought he’d fought at Gallipoli.... I’m guessing that’s the family history in many families, “he fought at Gallipoli”, just as it was for we kids of 1960s “I was at Woodstock”....

Grandfather Bruce came back to New Zealand, and said “if that’s what it’s like out there, I’m not going back”. He spent the rest of his long life, to age 96, in New Zealand, fathering four daughters, the oldest our mother, aka “Mutti”. 

Our father, John Forsythe, fought in WW2, in Papua New Guinea, against the invading Japanese.

The Guardian writes a sympathetic piece about the number of young people who attended today’s ceremony in Australia. 

ADDED: Our grandfathers and fathers would have said they were fighting for our Freedoms. Nowadays the Left has turned “Freedom” into a Bad Thing. Amazing. Musk wanting to protect freedom of speech is smeared and “only doing it for himself”. Says the poisonous dwarf, Robert Reich (no ad hominem intended)