Friday 15 April 2022

Left and Right flip on Free Speech

Remember when the Left stood for Free Speech and the Right was against it? Now it’s flipped. 

What used to be “I may not agree with your opinions but I’ll fight to the death for your right to say them” has become “if I don’t agree with your opinions I’ll fight to the death to censor them”.

I watch and read media on the Left and on the Right. 

CNN, BBC, ABC, MSNBC, New York Times, WaPo etc on the Left; Fox,National Review, The Spectator on the Right. Probably more on the Left than the Right, just because there’s more MSM on the Left (see list above).

I remember when I was a young Leftie socialist in the 1960s and the Left fought on every hill for Freedom of Speech. Now they say that it’s necessary for democracy to “moderate speech”, another way of saying censorship, of ideas they don’t like. And now it’s the Right stands for Free Speech. Which the Left claims they only want to support so that they can “spew their racist, bigoted views freely”. Straw man, much? 

Many friends, rellies, colleagues, remain on the Left and say how horrible Fox is. Often, when I check, they’ve got that opinion without ever watching it. I suspect some fear that if they watch Fox they’ll be polluted somehow. 

Anyway, I suggest anyone watching the above 8 minute take and see if it’s not better than any take on the Left, like the ladies of CN ‘s The View. IMO much better, much more informed, much more eloquent.