Tuesday 26 April 2022

“As Republicans target primary schools and Disney in America’s culture wars, where’s the Democrats’ fight?” | Robert Delaney

My response to Delaney's column. I think he's lost where many American parents are. 
There's a reason Disney stock is down and it's not Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. It's because their "not so secret" desire to inject a far left ideology into the Disney product has turned many off. (Source: Internal videos that were outed by Christopher Rufo). 
My comment to Delaney:
(1) The (dishonestly) labelled "Dont Say Gay" Bill, Delaney claims "…will surely stigmatise the LGBT community". The Bill does nothing of the sort. Have you even read it? 70% of American adults support it, including 52% of *Democrats*.
(2) Republicans are boycotting debates because the Commission on Debates is palpably biased.
(3) Calling half the country which is Republican "…hypermasculine and heteronormative" is a rewrite of Hillary's "Deplorables". Ad Hominem, much?
(4) Republicans in bed with Beijing and Moscow??! Give me a break! Heard about the Hunter Laptop, Robert? Obama mocking Romney for labelling. Russia the biggest threat?  
Delaney's columns ought be relabelled "Report from the Bubble".