Wednesday 13 April 2022

“Rising tensions with China” | John Lee


I’ve followed John Lee for several years. Sound knowledge.

China, the CCP, has conflated the “Chinese people” with the "Communist Party of China". That’s an important point as I’ve often said I hate the CCP, but rather love the Chinese people. To the extent that they are conflated, thanks to the deliberate policy of the CCP, that makes the Chinese people palimpsests for the CCP, the country, all one and the same. (PF: for sure there’s much more “following the line of the CCP” within social media in China)
China benefitted, since the 90s, from the West, in particular America and the EU, allowing them, helping them, into the world system. (PF: this was post joining the WTO)
It relied, and relies, on stealing intellectual capital to continue its growth. Because its Leninism and control makes innovation hard within China. 
That gives the West some leverage. 
PF: there ought be more Reciprocity. China has played the “Developing Country” card, to get entre to western economies, without giving the same in return. Because “we’re developing country”. Not any more. 
Xi Jinping is paranoid. Has imprisoned over one million political rivals. Still, maybe in a weak position. That’s the reason for “Belt and Road” and moves in SC Sea. (I’ve often said here that I think Xi is overall bad for China. Competent, yes, but overall bad for China, in a modern world)
From the intro:
John is joined in conversation by Dr John Lee, an academic specialising in Chinese political economy. As the Chinese Communist Party continues to tighten their grip over the Indo-Pacific, Dr Lee provides his in-depth expertise on Australia’s ongoing tensions with China, urging us to act rapidly to protect Western freedoms and democracy. Dr John Lee is a senior fellow at the Hudson Institute and formerly an adjunct professor at the University of Sydney with a focus on international economic and security affairs in the Indo-Pacific. He was previously a senior advisor to Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop from 2016 to 2018 and has authored several books about international security including 'Will China Fail?' and 'The Free and Open Indo-Pacific Beyond 2020'. Lee continues to provide commentary to some of the world’s most popular publications including The New York Times, The Australian, and the Wall Street Journal.