Monday 4 April 2022

Spinning on Woo.the Traditional Chinese Medicine push

What’s depressing about this article is our Chief executive, Carrie Lam, sounding just like a communist apparatchik. More and more. Here she says “Tong Ciao,in gave very good direction…”. And who is Tong? Just a guy leading a delegation of Chinese Traditional Medicine, from the mainland. “From the mainland” is the key. Must kowtow. Must sound like Chinese bureaucrat!

Also talks of the “three easies”, which is classic communist-speak. The “five” this-es and “three” that-es, is classic CCP way of promoting the latest propaganda. The “Three Easies” being easy to use, easy to implement and easy to access. To which I’m, like, “and?”.

All very well, except there remains no credible scientific evidence that TCM “works”. 

Still, we’re heading off to collect our “pandemic kit” which includes masks, RATs and TCM.

ADDED: such studies as there are on TCM are based on small samples sizes (usually a few hundred) and have confounding factors like being used together with western medicine (!) They are no more useful than the much maligned studies of Ivermectin.