Saturday, 23 April 2022

Hong Kong “election” : where 90+ year olds “shine”


Question: is it still an “election” if there’s only one candidate?  And five (five) — at least five — in his “team” are over 90! The United States is run by a gerontocracy and look how that’s going. Hmmm?!

John Lee, the only candidate for the top job in Hong Kong, Chief Executive, is choosing Mainlanders for “key roles”. That’s bad news on various levels. One, more influence from Beijing. Two, more suspicion from Hongkongers, given a big motivator for 2019 demos and riots was increased mainlandisation. I’m not predicting more demos. The National Security Law will nip that. But more bitterness and resent,met for sure.

And what’s with appointing no reps of youth, athletics and neutral civil groups? Civil groups are an important part of a mature society. They can be easily destroyed. Hard to build up. They need nurturing. Valuing. Bad move to exclude them, John.