Friday 22 April 2022

Who do you believe? The real world or the Five Year Plan?

Willie Walsh is head of the International Air Transport Association says Hong Kong “has fallen off the map” as an aviation hub and it “would be difficult for the city to rebuild that reputation”.

Don’t worry! says our intrepid Chief executive Carrie Lam. Don’t worry, because Hong Kong as an aviation hub is “included in the nations 14-th Five Year Plan”.  Oh well, that’s all right then!

Meantime: check out the underlined bits: 
Arrivals to Hong Kong down 97.4%
Cathay Pacific is operating at 2% capacity, losing $HK 1.5 billion a month in cash.

My own feeling: If we continue closed, relying on the magic of a communist Five Year Plan, we’re doomed, aviation hub-wise.