Wednesday, 27 April 2022

Cry “misunderstanding” when you do something crappy and get called out on it. The case of Free Speech in Hong Kong

Check out the underlined bits where Carrie Lam says worries about Freedom of Speech in Hong Kong are just a “misunderstanding”. 
Carrie Lam, our Chief Executive, these days always to be counted on to sound like a Beijing apparatchik. She’s coming along well in commie-speak. Here it's “misunderstanding”. You can’t be bothered to address the guts of the issue. So you call it “misunderstanding”. 
Which here is that the National Security Law of June 2021, has stifled and is stifling Free Speech in Hong Kong. Not really a “misunderstanding”, more of a fact. 
The only reason I can write this on this blog is because it’s in English and has less of an audience than even the late unlamented CNN+