Thursday, 14 April 2022

If the law is an ass, it’s a mandate to ignore it

Dai Pak Wan beach (大白湾) Discovery Bay, Hong Kong 
Today’s South China Morning Post editorial, all about following the laws on Zero Covid, and how much in fines the police have collected for those “flouting” the rules. That’s the editorial at the bottom-left of the op-Ed page in the print edition. The one dictated to the Post editors by mainland officials, the one laid down by communist apparatchiks.The one they may as well relabel “Diktats from a Beijing”. It says in effect: “We don’t want to fine you, oh no, we just want you to obey”. Even if the rules are absolute nonsense.  As many commenters on the site note, see below.

So I went swimming again today, at our "closed" beach. My bit of civil disobedience. Because the science tells me I’m better off getting out, catching some vitamin D and getting some excercise than I am sitting at home with a mask in. So blow the rules. 
ADDED: Have a look at this last December.
Though why our local, private beach closed is a question, as it's not a governmental mandate to close private beaches. I presume it’s our local management just being goodie goodies, or else taking the “Covid excuse” chance to do a bit less work.

Re comments at the editorial, Most upvotes:
90% of these rules make no sense aka follow zero science (masks outdoor) or are hypocritical aka groups of 4 on a table then outdoors you’re fined for more than 2 people. I wonder why people are upset ?!


If the rules were sensible and actually prevented the spread of Covid, then people might be more inclined to follow them. When the rules are largely theatrical and politically-based -- like closing beaches, only 2 people dining together even if 3 people live in the same home, or preventing more than 2 people from gathering outside while buses and shopping malls are packed -- then people will recognize these rules as nonsensical and ignore them if and when they can.

Tell me: how does that tiny foot-high plastic divider on a restaurant table stop an airborne virus from spreading? How does a mask on a running trail stop the spread of Covid?

And the police being overzealous in enforcement? What do you think??? No, perfectly normal for coppers to go out with measuring tape on a Sunday to harass domestic helpers on their one day off a week. Or to pounce on a guy taking a puff of a cigarette to hit him with two fines --one for taking off his mask, a second for public smoking. 
Why issue warnings when you can fill your coffers with money taken from innocent citizens beaten down by this increasing authoritarianism.