Friday, 15 April 2022

“Coronavirus Hong Kong: tough vaccination and testing rules for businesses and customers as city leader unveils broad easing of social-distancing rules” | SCMP

Our Dear Leader Carrie Lam
Dear esteemed leader Carrie Lam,
You have told us we might have some "easing " of Covid rules. Except that:
"…public beaches, pools and barbecue venues will remain shut."
Oh dear. 
We are all armchair epidemiologists now. We all do our own research. I can find nothing anywhere on the internet to support the idea that pools or beaches or outdoor barbecues are vectors of Omicron. 
Clearly you or your experts feel differently. 
Could you please share with us what your "experts" are telling you about these alleged outdoor  "dangers"? To respond "for an abundance of caution" (as your Dr Leung has said) is not good enough. Solid data, from experience elsewhere, please. 
Failing that, I beg you, dear leader, to ease the restrictions on beaches, pools and barbecues.
Or else tell us WHY. Why are you doing this to us? Why are you stopping us from very healthy outdoor activity?
Pf, etc…