Monday 11 April 2022

"When poor Asians in NYC do better at math than high-income Whites (and Blacks and Hispanics), you know this is not because of "Asian privilege;" this is because of cultural values.” | Kenny Xu

Tweet is here. Source of above stats NYC Independent Budget Office

Kenny Xu: "Asians are an inconvenient minority to the relentless push to blame minority problems on racism. 

Another stat, US median income per household, by ethnicity source US Census Bureau. 
Sorry to point out the obvious, but “White-Americans” are right in the middle, eight ethnic groups are above, all Asian. Culture, right?

And this is “structural racism”? Bearing in mind the woke narrative is that the US is fundamentally and irredeemably racist, that it is run by white supremacists, the oppressors, and that every person of colour is a victim of the oppression. This is not only wrong, as figures show, but is deeply damaging to the American body politic and society. Things have got worse, not better, since all the intersectional structural racisms narrative.

Need to start talking about the cultural influence on outcomes. Oppose the Ibram X. Kendi. the Robin DiAngelo furphy that it’s all, every negative outcome, at all times and in all cases, down to racism.

Some cultures have a balloon that raises them. Some cultures have a brick that holds them down. Define which is which and discuss.