Tuesday 12 April 2022

Hammering the WHO

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I well remember early in 2020, the WHO making two statements that were very consequential, and not in a good way.

First was the statement that the coronavirus was not transferred human-to-human. Even at the time this didn’t sound right, and of course, to our great harm, it wasn’t,

Second: they specifically said that international travel should not be restricted, even to China. John Campbell (click above) argues that if it had been, there would have been no pandemic. It would have been shut down in China. I’m not so sure about that, as it seems there may have been earlier cases even in Europe. Cases in Italy would not have been surprising, as Wuhan is the centre of the fabric and clothing industry feeding the fashion houses in Milan and northern Italy. Still, Dr John makes a powerful case, and at the very least failure to close travel to China early on surely accelerated the spread of Covid. 

John also has a big go at China’s Zero Covid policy, via what’s going on in Shanghai. Local reports attest: the isolation facilities are really, rooollly bad. Worse than here in Hong Kong. There are food shortages in Shanghai, but only because of the lockdowns, not leading to the lockdowns (as some loonies on twitter have suggested). If there’s one thing China is not short of its food. Except when they lockdown, it seems.