Tuesday, 26 April 2022

If Musk changes Twitter, I’ll join

“Yessss!” Says Elon. He just bought Twitter! To the chagrin of many on the Left who don’t like that they won’t be able to censor people they disagree with any more.
Musk says he wants to promote Humans and Banish Bots. And set up a pay version. $ 2-3 per month. Then join with your real name. I’d join that. As it is now, I follow quite a few on Twitter, both Left and Right, because — if you choose well — you get to know what’s going in in the world in real time. But I don’t ever take part. But I think I would if Musk does as above. There must be more like me, surely. 100 million maybe? That’s 2-3 hundred mill/month, ~3. Bill a year. That’s enough right there to make it profitable. Especially if he sacks some of the 7,000 staff in San Francisco. 7,000??! What are they doing? Mostly “moderating” I’d guess. From a left to far-left view. Which is something Musk wants Twitter to do less of. There’s the door, dear snowflake.

ADDED: To be clear: I’m a huge Elon Musk fan. Have been for many years, before he was even a word. A recent Vlog I’ve come across has some interesting takes on the Twitter purchase, by Krystal and Sasgar on Breaking Points