Sunday, 24 April 2022

To feel empathy for Ukrainian citizens — *empathy* not just sympathy — you have to imagine

You must imagine This,☝️ above, your peaceful neighbourhood, turning, in days, into this…👇
A man walks through the rubble of his home in Chernihiv, Ukraine
That’s what happens, your home suddenly rubble. If you’re lucky, you’re still alive. But with nothing. 

Yet China supports the unprovoked invasion of a sovereign country, the levelling of cities and the murder of civilians by a rogue military. On maps it deletes the border between Russia and Ukraine. Shame on China. Shame on Beijing. Shame on the Chinese social media users who support this wanton murder. “China’s policy is very popular in China” say the apologists. Yeah, right. Plenty of dictators have been wildly popular. Plenty of unprovoked invasions have been wildly popular. A certain moustachioed dog-loving vegetarian comes to mind. Wildly popular. Attacked Poland, unprovoked. Wildly popular. Till he wasn’t. 

This article below. very anti-China’s Russia policy is in today’s South China Morning Post. Good on the Post: