Tuesday 26 April 2022

“China outbreak worsens…”

Not just Shanghai and Beijing. 83 of 100 top cities in China are in some kind of lockdown. 

There is no way to contain the incredibly transmissible Omicron BA 2.12.2 variant. While elsewhere in the world we see 83,000 maskless fans at an AFL match at the Melbourne Cricket Ground. A full and maskless UK House of Commons PMQ. In the US the top five states for daily me cases are the ones that had adopted the most stringent lockdowns. It seems the best, the safest, the least damaging way to go is to go through it. UK now has a huge amount of natural immunity. Huge number of cases. Low hospitalisation, low-steady death rates, while outside life goes on.  

ADDED: I’ve spoken to a number of folks all of whom are hoping for Zero Covid to fail in China. Why? Because if it doesn’t, if they have some form of wha they can call a “victory” then every time there’s a new outbreak — which is inevitable — it will be new “strict lockdowns” again. And we in Jing Kong will e caught up in it meaning never being “normal” again. That’s why. Contrast this secenario with Australi now, once shut down totally, now open and free. With no discernible downsides. They hand ZCP then ditched it. That’s what we need China to do. There’s an article in the Economist “Authoritarian governments can get things right. But they have a hard time admitting when they got it wrong”. The only way China can get out of the craziness going on in Shanghai is by comprehensive failure of ZCP.