Thursday, 7 April 2022

Briefly noted : Ambassador Cui | Chief-exec Carrie

China’s woke ambassador

Just-retired Chinese ambo to the US, Cui Tiankai, weighing in

Having been characteristically soft-spoken as the face of China in Washington, Cui finally seemed unable to repress his strong conviction that “the US will not willingly accept the rise of a power with a very different social system, ideology, cultural traditions and even ethnicity”, accusing the US of “a very strong element of racism” in its China policy.

Right, man, play the racism card! 

Cui was China’s point man in the US to defend its Xinjiang Muslim imprisonment policy. Which he did badly. Not surprising, since it’s indefensible. Now, from retirement, he draws on American's woke left: America is irredeemably and irrevocably racist. Nothing has improved since 1619. So America is “racist” resonates on the Biden Administration left. One problem: America is equally critical of Russia, maybe more so. And they are whiter than A4 paper. 

C-e Carrie Lam in a special kind of delusion:

“It is incorrect to believe that people will not report their infection [via a positive RAT result] because they are afraid to be sent to community isolation facilities. Negative reports on isolation facilities are not entirely accurate…”.  [Here]

“… not entirely”. Right. Comforting. Not. A letter writer says “I’d be a special kind of crazy to report a positive result”. Exactly. That’s all the people I speak to, as well. 

WHO goes full Woo

A WHO panel has recommended that member states consider using traditional Chinese medicine to help manage Covid-19, saying there is evidence that TCM is beneficial in some cases. [Here]

In “some cases”. And also “in conjunction with normal (ie western) anti-virals”. Confounding factors, much? Also: the referenced trial was of inky a few hundred patients, hardly enough for statistical significance.

Remember (1) WHO Director -General was a Chinese-supported candidate and (2) Lianhua Qingwen* the Traditional Chinese Medicine we're being given (we’ve got ours) is owned — according to one (conspiracy?) theory — by the friend of the Mayor of Shanghai, himself a member of Xi Jinping’s faction. So the scuttlebutt goes and so one would love to believe! It would explain a lot about why we’re being fed shamanistic woo.

* Ingredients: apricot kernel, rhubarb, honeysuckle and forsythia powder.