Saturday, 7 March 2020

Bernie and Basil: we have the same carpets!

On the left, Basil the dog by Persian carpet from Keshan, which I got on my 70th birthday recently.
On the right, Bernie Sanders, candidate for president of the United States, sitting on a chair in the middle of his Keshan carpet, in a photo posted by his son Levi.
Basil, the dog, hard at work protecting our house in Discovery Bay. Bernie, the candidate, hard at work protecting America ....
Note colour of Basil.  And Bernie’s hair. (And chair).
By the way, that book “Deep Time Dreaming” is not a set up. It just happened to be there. A gift from a recent houseguest, result of our discussion of Aboriginal Australia’s pre-European level of industry, prompted by the book “Dark Emu”, which has take Australia by storm.  But isn’t it somehow perfect, for Bernie? His dream? His deep time?
[On close inspection, the carpets are extremely similar but still different. Hand made, or so we are guaranteed]