Monday, 2 March 2020

Covid-19 virus update, 2 March

From Worldometer where many details
French experts say the death rate is 1% but I don’t know where they get that figure from. The above are the latest most reliable figures we have. Death rate 3.4%. [UPDATE: outside China it’s c. 1.7%]
In Worldometer Korea has twice the number of new cases as China (~400 vs 200)
WHO Chief: Markets should calm down. (Deepest weekly drop — $3.6 Trillion — ever)
CNBC: China manufacturing index (the PMI) worst drop ever.
Despite which, regional markets seem seem to be on the up. Apart from Oz and NZ.
While Europe falls out of love with China. At least Xi Jinping
Feverish imaginations (what I’ve thought all along. It’s serious but we are overreacting)

Meanwhile, Basil is on the case…
… guarding against the virus
Coffee and viral news