Thursday 19 March 2020

Covid-19 virus update, 19 March

My spreadsheet from figures at Worldometer 
ADDED: Daily updated Timeline of the spread of Covid-19.
No hint of a break in the clouds, with another record new cases at 20,392, 9.3% increase. Crude death rate at 4.1%. Now six countries with over 1,000 new in a day: Italy, Spain, Germany, US, France, Iran. China no new recorded, as of 00:27 am GMT. Details and country charts here.  Hong Kong has spike in new cases from arrivals. So now ALL new arrivals to Hong Kong are quarantined for two weeks.
Markets hammered. Oil hits 30-year low. Asian markets just opened and it’s a sea of red.

Conspiracies theories abound. The most pernicious being that the virus was bioengineered by China or America. As the Three Stooges club each other...
The New England Journal of Medicine says.
Of course, scientists tell us that SARS-CoV-2 did not escape from a jar: RNA sequences closely resemble those of viruses that silently circulate in bats, and epidemiologic information implicates a bat-origin virus infecting unidentified animal species sold in China’s live-animal markets.”
This view is supported by The Lancet, by the American Medical Association and expert epidemiologists. In short every expert says it’s a natural virus. Nasty, but natural.
Or you could believe some random guy on Twitter. Tough choice.
A good summary of debunking the “made in China or made in America” memes is here.
And scientists prove virus is not man-made
There’s a section of Corona-spiracies at Snopes, the fact checking website. Worth checking out before blasting out unverified info. There’s an infodemic!
Daniel Pipes has a bit to say about the Usual Suspects in conspiracy theories.
Then there’s the madness of Tory Genocide. Boris is apparently allowing the elderly to die — deliberately! But these are people who voted for him. So, WTF?

News Roundup 
China helps Europe as relationship with America deteriorates 
Hong Kong Singapore safe harbours. [We’ve thought for a while now that we live in the safest city in the world!]
Global recession is certain. US unemployment could hit 20%
US stocks plunge erase gains since Trump took office 
UK concerts leave Chinese stunned
Global race for vaccine