Wednesday 18 March 2020

Covid-19 virus update, 17 March

My spreadsheet from figures at Worldometer
Detailed per country figures there, also linked below
Again, record new infections, 15,957, part of which due to increased testing.
Over 1,000: Italy, France, Germany, Spain, Iran, United States.  China 13, mostly imported. 

World is now in recession with depression looming if continue global lockdown. This in now the most serious crisis since World War II. How long can governments keep shovelling money into their economies? Businesses going bust. How long before governments go bust? Or print money leading to inflation? All unknown.
Lockdowns through the world. What was thought “excessive” just a week ago is now common.

Cable news is a disaster, left right and centre, ABC, BBC, CNN, FOX, CNA, SKY, CGTV.  We watch them all and it’s wall-to-wall disaster… oh dear…

A quick thought on “what has the E.U. done for me?”  Anti-virus packages announced:: Britain £350 bn, and “whatever it takes”: France €300+ bn. Germany €500 bn. Italy €200 bn. And the E.U.? A measly €30 bn. Why, it’s almost as if, in an existential crisis, the EU were useless!
[It’s 10:33 am, HKT. I look up from my iPad and see that it’s almost pitch black. Deep dark clouds overhead and the sound of looming thunder. What with the news, and all, it’s such an "end-of-times" feel. Be still my heart: “Cosmos” assures us the earth has several billion years left. But Homo sapiens?]
News Roundup:
The blame game
Bangkok lockdown 
A Trillion dollar stimulus
South China Morning Post closes its offices
Australia orders citizens not to travel abroad. Meantime Tom Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson have been released from hospital in Australia, having recovered from the virus.
Artificial intelligence as superhero