Sunday, 22 March 2020

Covid-19 virus update, 22 March

My spreadsheet from figures at Worldometer
Detailed timeline
Yet another record increase 32,541. Still mostly in Europe. Italy 800+ deaths in a day.
Singapore shuts borders, while HK tightens defences, again…
As cases here surge, mostly from arrivals
News Roundup 
UK faces ‘mass unemployment’. Europe and US Q2 growth to drop up to 20%. It’s all taking ‘longer than anyone expected’ (Bloomberg TV). Market volatility greatest since the Great Depression. US stimulus rises to nearly $2 TRILLION. 10% of GDP. (CNA).
Trump keeps blaming China. While New York is declared disaster area.
Handling the virus in seven cities around the world
China offers help to Europe.  But faces resentment
Really? Petitionary prayer backfires

Here in Discovery Bay, Hong Kong, things appear pretty normal. We go out shopping, Wellcome well stocked. Jing goes to gym. The jacuzzi and sauna are shut, that’s about it. I’ve heard there are two cases here, but haven’t been able to confirm. [Update: seems they were at a wedding here] Weather report: 22 C, and fine. Pretty much perfect apart from humidity.
But … Hongkongers resent returnees
While around the world family and friends hunker down in ‘social isolation’ or rush back to Australia where they’ll have to quarantine.