Friday 20 March 2020

Covid-19 virus update, 20 March

My spreadsheet from figures at Worldometer 
A grim milestone: the first day over one thousand new deaths. Yet another high new cases, 26,293. Some of that, let’s hope a lot, is due to increased testing rather than natural spread. Everywhere in lockdown ought to be having an effect. Italy has more deaths than China at rate of 8%
China had zero new domestic cases, second day running. The only few cases were from people arriving back in China. The nastiness against China is getting real bad. Blaming it for the virus. Resentment that it’s now out of the woods. Talk of war. It’s horrible.
Reader contribution: Good summary vid (49’): Fact and Fiction about coronavirus. The first half is an excellent summary. The second half on preventative measures a touch”new age-y” for me, though harmless and may have some positive effect — there’s always the placebo effect!

News Roundup 
Italy deaths surpass China
Faster and longer lasting than SARS
HK: Testing mental health.  Still, kudos to us…
The blame game 
Glimmers of good news: schools reopen in Japan. China Police apologise to whistle blower
China censorship: any lessons learned? (Hint: probably not). Snip:
Freedom of speech comes with a price. The pandemic proves clearly that it is a life-and-death issue. It is an excruciating, teeth-grinding journey to contemplate whether the world should recouple with China after the pandemic. My time in China and personal affection for Chinese culture speak in its favour.But, on balance, I think not. If China continues to clamp down on free expression of different voices, it leaves the world no other choice than to decouple, for the benefit of all mankind. I hope the world will not let [whistle-blower, Dr] Li Wenliang die in vain.