Wednesday 11 March 2020

Watching Joe win MI, MS and MO

In these primaries, with three results to come, Joe Biden is crushing it in Michigan, Missouri, Mississippi. I’m again watching the CNN panel share their wisdom. With Andrew Yang, Van Jones, David Axelrod and co.
One thing I don’t get is: they keep talking about Trump being “an existential threat”. That I don’t get. I get how they don’t like him. There’s much not to like. But “existential”? In response they might say “climate change”. And sure, he pulled the US out of the Paris accord. But the hard yakka, the heavy lifting on climate change solutions, is done by the private sector, not the government, and here the US has being doing better than the Paris Accord countries. Germany, for example, has rising emissions — because of government policies (kill nuclear), not despite them — while the US’ are declining, in part due to gas from fracking.
The Bernie guy [Dr Abdul el-Sayed] on the panel says that Trump is “an existential threat” to “some communities”. He doesn’t say which. So I wonder, which communities feel this “existential threat”? Usual suspects might be: Latino, LGBT, African-American, maybe? But there are “Latinos for Trump” and “African-Americans for Trump” (both growing numbers according to polls) and by some measures he’s the most pro-LGBT president for some time — his previous ambassador to Germany and now head of National Intelligence is gay. Trump has promoted LGBT rights overseas (mainly in gay-unfriendly Islamic countries). Illegal immigrants? Well, Obama deported more than Trump has. And most Americans support control of undocumented migration.
Again, I’m no Trump fan, but these are facts and Dems ignoring them only sets them up for potential defeat.
The panel agrees”the future is bleak” for Bernie. And that Biden is the best chance to beat Trump. And that the DNC has been smart at getting this result. Hmmmm…
Waiting for Joe’s victory speech. Trepidation. What will he say? The Dems have to deal head in with the increasing evidence for Joe’s incipient senility. Not “gaff-prone”. Senility.
They’re convincing themselves that Joe is a great candidate! They just remembered that Joe Biden is fine!
Existential threat! existential threat! existential threat! That’s all I’m hearing. And Joe is great! And a good debater, says Yang!
10:40 am. HKT. Joe speaking from Philadelphia and saying they’re not having rallies because of the coronavirus.
So far he’s speaking easily and fluently.  No slurs or slips. Just his wife by his side, not wife and sister, to make sure he doesn’t mix them up again…
The economy: according to Joe, it’s all terrible. (Despite record high employment and record low unemployment in all demographics. And despite first rises in real wages in decades).
And dignity, decorum, truth and leadership. He’s going to come in for a hammering on those given the Hunter Biden/Burisma nonsense. And his shifting policies during his lifetime of politics. (And only in politics),
Decency: we, the Democrats, are decent. By implication the opposition are not decent. The ‘deplorables’! That’s the way he gets “unity”.
11:02: finish. And Bernie is not going to speak. Looks like it’s curtains for him.
Panel: good talk from Joe. He’s fine with the teleprompter, they note, not so good on his feet.. He virtually ignored Bernie.
Delegate count: Joe:724 809 864. Bernie: 591 654 710. John King talks Bernie chances next week in Florida, without mentioning Bernie’s recent support of Castro, which will infuriate the large Florida Latino community. He was trashed there in 2016 by Hillary. [Update: okay, he just mentioned it. It will kill Bernie in Floroda].