Thursday, 26 March 2020

Covid-19 virus update, 26 March

 My spreadsheet from figures at Worldometer
Detailed timeline 
Spain deaths surpassed China. So now it’s Italy #1, Spain #2, China #3
The one Trillion rescue package passed US Congress which gave a boost to markets. They’re still down 30% on just a month ago. 
The various global rescue packages are giving some hope that companies will survive and keep people employed,  yet economic and employment damage is still severe and will remain so. 
Prince Charles tested positive yesterday and is in lockdown in Scotland. He was shown in recent weeks mixing and mingling and shaking hands all over the place. That’s something that has to go — shaking hands and especially the kiss-kiss hug-hug. And I won’t mind that.
Joe Biden does a livestream from his house, which goes disastrously wrong. I’ve never seen so many thumbs down...

On Masks and masking: I rode my bike around the park, my daily ride.  Plenty of people out and about, parents, kids, helpers, dogs everywhere. I decided to take a mask with me to go to the Wellcome Supermarket to get some limes, for the tandoori chicken I was cooking.
In the park people were keeping their distance. And I did, from the couple I met, not “bumped into” just chatted at a distance, unmasked. In Wellcome, I popped it on and just as well. 100%, literally, I counted, every single person had a mask on. And there’s bottles of had sanitisers at the check out. This is in Hong Kong’s DNA, since SARS in 2003.

Half the world’s population is under lockdown (CNA)