Monday, 16 March 2020

The final Democratic debate: Joe v Bernie

I missed it, the final debate hosted by CNN in Washington. Against “the backdrop of coronavirus”. Isn’t everything, these days, against that backdrop?
Just the two remaining survivors, two caucasian septuagenarians (yes, “pale, stale and old”), which is odd, when you consider the criticisms by Dems of Reps for doing exactly that in 2016. In fact Trump was younger than either of these two will be at inauguration and had more experience outside politics. Joe and Bernie are career politicians, that’s all they’ve ever done, so in a sense even more limited than Trump. Who remains, they assure us “an existential threat”
I’m watching a pared down CNN panel, who are deciding — telling us — that Joe is just fine! They just remembered!
He looked presidential! He looked calming! He looked in control! How come I hadn’t seen that before?
Look at the shortlist they started with. How diverse, how decimal:
Can I name them without googling? Yes I can:
Amy, Cory, Peter, Bernie, Joe, Liz, Kamala, Andy, Beto, Julian
The two in the middle are The Last Men Standing
That pic was the third debate, iirc, and there were even more who hadn’t made the debate stage.
Anyway, that’s it. It’s Joe for the Dems. My record of 100% wrong on all predictions remains intact. First up, early on, I thought Kamala a good outside bet. Later I gave Liz the nod. Finally, I thought Bernie might make it. Well I’m not alone. Just two weeks ago, Freddy Gray in the Spectator thought it was going to be a battle between Bernie and Bloomberg.
Mind you, Kamala may get the consolation prize. Joe has committed his running mate will be a woman. Candidates: Liz, Amy, Kamala. Kamala wins on intersectionality. Some mention Stacey Abrams as veep potential.
10:30 HKT: Anderson Cooper is interviewing Bernie. They violently agree: Trump is terrible!
Watching a replay of Joe droning about Medicare and I can’t get out of my mind the picture: of his dentures popping out again… cannot get that angst out of my mind. Bernie’s comment: Joe is just repeating what I’ve been saying.
Random factoid: Bernie used to rail against “millionaires and billionaires”. Then he became a millionaire himself (he owns three houses and made millions on his books). So now he rails only against “billionaires”, who, he says, “shouldn’t exist”.