Wednesday 4 March 2020

Settling in for a Super Wednesday…

Super Tuesday in America.
[ADDED (5/3): summary: a monster win for Joe Biden which gives him huge momentum. “Joementum”]
(09:00 HKT): Results so far from Eastern states, Virginia, Vermont, North Carolina, etc and so far it’s looking like Joe, Joe, Joe. [NC and VA]
But the big states are hours away from results: Texas and California.
Watching the team  on CNN, moderated by Anderson Cooper, with the redoubtable Andrew Yang. And my other favourite, Van Jones. David Axelrod is pretty good too. Who days it’s “the empire strikes back”, with Joe’s results. Yang says Bernie is a “unifying figure” because the Dem Party is unified against him!
The results for Joe really are strong. Even in Bernie’s home state of Vermont, where it seems Joe has trounced him. [whoops! “Sanders wins VT”]
Here’s a thing: at 77 Joe is the youngest male still in the race… imagine!
While the Koel is driving me mad. He must be mad for a mate.
Bloomberg is winning American Samoa! 6 delegates. So… around $100 million per delegate. Not a waste then… This is a new way to make a small fortune: take a large fortune and blow it on a presidential run. (Or, in Mike’s case it would take around 100 presidential runs)
1344 delegates awarded on Super Tuesday. 48% from Texas and California.
I must say… watching the CNN presenter [John King] go through the results state-by-state, it’s very relaxing to have facts presented without constant opinionated bloviation, about, say, how Trump is Orange Man Bad (CNN) or how Dems are dunderheads (Fox). Just the facts, ma’am. It’s relaxing. Would there more of it.
How Bernie’s foreign policy would help the Kremlin*
I find myself Rootin’ for Joe. If I were a Trump supporter I’d want Bernie to win, as the common wisdom is that T could more easily beat Bernie. So maybe I’m not that pro-T. Or maybe it’s an insurance. If someone is to beat T, let it be someone sane. Fact is, I don’t much like the Dems’ tilt left, especially the uber-wokeness of the likes of Warren. And the media support of them and relentless lie-telling. The most recent being Trump’s alleged claim that the coronavirus is a “hoax”, which he clearly did not do. Not to mention two years of Mueller, for nil result. Or the nastiness of the Kavanaugh hearings.
Meantime, heading west, Bernie is doing better. It may end up real close.
Even Mike is picking up some delegates.
11:00 (HKT): Bernie giving victory speech in Vermont.  Billionaires bad. Medicare for All good. And… everyone is greedy! I get why the young love him. Free everything is great.
12:15 (HKT):  (Van) Jones jokes: “Joe Jive from Joke to Juggernaut”
And the panel discussing “whither Elizabeth”? Answer came there none. They don’t know.
13:30 (HKT): Joe is in front in Texas. Wow!  But Bernie has a lock on California. Bloomberg is also doing quite well.
18:30 (HKT): Bloomberg out and endorses Biden. That pits his 2,800 people and systems on Joe’s side.

* Mr. Sanders would also help the Krem­lin.…on bal­ance Rus­sia stands to ben­e­fit im­mensely from the im­ple­men­ta­tion of the Sanders pro­gram. A ban on fracking and large re­duc­tions in U.S. en­ergy pro­duc­tion would of­fer Vladimir Putin a badly needed fi­nan­cial and po­lit­i­cal wind­fall. 
…re­ductions in Amer­i­can mil­itary spend­ing and a renewed quest for arms con­trol would likely re­lieve Rus­sia’s mil­i­tary cost bur­den sub­stantially. The over­all re­sult would be to strengthen Rus­sia’s po­si­tion vis-à-vis the U.S. and Eu­rope.