Monday 9 March 2020

Covid-19 virus update, 9 March

Not really what we wanted to read…
Epidemic likely to persist all year”
From Worldometer
Harbinger? Drop in number of new cases. China only 40
Asian markets opening down. US market was hammered trashed overnight and ditto for Futures.
ADDED (18:00 HKT): it’s now a BLOODBATH!! Markets down 6 - 10% in a day! Oz mkt amongst the worst. Overall worst since 1991. US futures 5% down. Crude prices collapse 20% (remember “peak oil”?). Shades of 2008, but feels kinda worse.
Bureaucracy slowed responses
Italy death rate soars
Good news if true: Coronavirus dies at high temperature
Xi Jinping is responsible for the virus spread
WSJ: Detailed: the missteps blow-by-blow (Registration needed)